The articles cannot be executed

How should I run these codes?
Just when can I run this bpmn-js-examples/starter at master · bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples · GitHub
code and I’m having trouble with other examples.

Is it necessary to install a special software on the server or locally to run the codes?

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Thanks :heart:

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Thank you for your answer. I will test again, if there is a problem, I will raise it.

If you are working in VScode,
for the starter example,
it would be enough to copy paste the code to a new file you created for example index.html and run by extension live server.

For other examples, you could,

  1. clone the project completely (whole bpmn-js-examples) in VScode
  2. open any specific folder and then open a terminal with directory in root folder.
  3. Most projects run with just two codes
npm i 

after that,

npm run dev

Try this !

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Thank you for your answer.
I have been working with php without framework for years and now I am working on a project with php and jquery, can I use bpmn in this project, do I need to install nodejs?, can you give a step by step guide Introduce me step by step?

Not aware about php/Jquery.

Node.js alone allows us to run the bpmn in my opinion.

You could clone this bpmn-js-examples repository.

Install node Js on your system.

run the code I said above, before that Just also run,

node init

to initialise node in Vscode.


Your guide is great, I totally understand what to do and what not to do


hi teachers
I did the steps of doing the work in this bpmn-js/ at develop · bpmn-io/bpmn-js · GitHub one by one, with the errors being one of mine, which I solved all of them like the error

1- error-permission-denied-publickey
2- network work time out error
3- cannot read properties of null (reading pickalgorithm)

Everything was solved and I was able to stage
Install Dependencies
Execute npm install on each of the projects to grab their dependencies.


I don’t know the reason for this error, but I solved it with the command below
I don’t know if this is correct or not, but it was solved.

Verify Things are O.K.

Execute npm run all on each project. Things should be fine.

Now, how should I test that BPMN-js is installed and take a test?
node indexjs