Task Listener Element Template


I am working on the following enhancement:

I am basically done or at least that’s what I think of, but I am only able to use the event attribute. I didn’t try the class and the expression but I tried the delegateExpression and that one is not working for me. My guess my json which contains the template is wrong. Any chance you can help me out with a correct one?
Here is mine which is again not good, bec. it shows only the event and not the delegateExpression:

    "name": "Task Listener",
    "id": "my.task.listener.task",
    "appliesTo": [
    "properties": [
        "value": "#{cockpit}",
        "type": "Hidden",
        "binding": {
          "type": "camunda:taskListener",
          "event": "delete",
          "listenerType": "camunda:delegateExpression"


Nevermind, I solved my issue, by implementing the necessary functionality in the CreateHelper.js.
Now I am going to add the class, expression attributes to the Task Listener Element Template and the class, expression, delegateExpression to the Execution Listener Element Template.


Do you plan to file a pull request to contribute these changes to our tools?


Absolutely mate, but last time I checked I had failing tests, which I should fix and also my employer keeps me really busy with additional feature requests. So I might be not the fastest but eventually I will contribute.

By the way, class, script and delegateExpression attributes are working fine in Execution and Task listener templates but for some reason expression attribute doesn’t. But I was not allowed to work on this more, so the contribution will only contain these.