Swimlanes => Choose from a fixed list

Currently defining a swimlane is just typing a text. Is it somewhere incorporated to configure a predefined list from which the modeller can choose? Otherwise spelling mistakes can occur and thus quality goes down…

What are you referring to as defining? Editing the name? There is no such feature, you’d have to implement this yourself.

Hi Philipp
Thanks for your reply. I’m mean by defining: just pick the name for the swimlane from a fixed list.
This brings standardisation in your processes…
Good to know that this is not possible :slight_smile: I’ll check for myself if I am going to implement it…

It shouldn’t be to hard to do this. You could use overlays for the lists.

For setting the name just use: modeling.updateProperties(myLane, { name: 'foo'});

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this sounds indeed quiet easy!