Support for vertical modeling (pool)?

Hi, I want to create a vertical pool, what should I do ? Thanks in advance!

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Nothing! We do not support vertical modeling.

Importing of vertical modeled diagrams works though.

Does it support in the future ?
And how to import vertical modeled diagrams ?

Not planned, unless we get larger amounts of users requesting this.

Get it, Thank you !!

is it possible in some way to request this with money?
if yes, what is the usual way for doing this?

One way would be to create a decent quality pull request for the feature :wink:

Probably rendering vertical pools would be a good ticket to start PRing. A follow up is implementing modeling of vertical pools.

Hello, do you have any ideas and suggestions for developing vertical pool?

To which extend did you look into the matter already?

  1. “bpmn-js-8.3.1/lib/features/modeling/behavior/IsHorizontalFix.js”
    In this file,“bo.di.set(‘isHorizontal’, true)”
    In this file, " {“name”: “isHorizontal”, “isAttr”: true, “type”: “Boolean” }"

I think these are important, but I don’t know where to start. I am looking forward to your advice and guidance.

When it comes to drawing only the BpmnRenderer is the place to support vertical pools.

I have drawn the vertical pool and the lane according to your tips, but now there is a problem, which files are involved in auto-resize the size? For example, elements(shapes) are placed on the lane boundary, or the lane boundary is expanded manually.

I had a problem when I was developing vertical pool, Please give me some advice,thanks!

Please do not necrobump old topics. Instead link to this thread from new topic.

Also, please try to give more context there (code snippets, your setup, …). Thanks!