Support Business Knowledge Model (BKM)

tl;dr: BKMs bridges the business-IT-alignment gap and help to organise a federated Business-Decision-Management.

Hi all,

I really appreciate the mention in your blog of "In the first quarter of 2020, we focus on [dmn-js], our DMN editor and rendering toolkit:

  • [Support the latest DMN standard].
  • Explore ways to make it easier to navigate and model complex DMN diagrams."

According to github you are going for a full support of DMN 1.3. That is awesome!

Since I really need them for my projects I would love to see full support of Business Knowledge Models in the next version. Maybe that is already on your list. If not, Alan Fish and even Bruce Silver give good reasons why:

Alan Fish:

Bruce Silver:



As you already mentioned, we are currently re-evaluating the DMN modeling experience and already considered adding BKMs as well. We will check whether it can be integrated or not. Stay tuned!