Suggestion: Reverse direction of autoconnections

Hi all,
another suggestion: If you left-click on an existing symbol and draw out a new one directly, the modeler connects the new symbol to the old one automatically, pointing to the new symbol.

So far so good. I think it would be more convenient, if the arrows would point to the old symbol, since the new decision-requirements are supporting the already existing decisions / BKMs they are stemming from.

At the moment I draw new symbols separately and connect them manually to the old root-symbol.


Are you talking about our DMN modeling toolkit?

Yes I do.
As you can see for example in the gif ‘check-order’ in

If you draw out new elements from already existing ones you can only build ‘bottom up’.However the DRD-philosophy is rather top-down: Start with your final end-decision and find out its decision-requirements by adding top-down supporting decisions, bkms and inputs.

If you want to go top down you have to get new elements from the column on the left and add requirement-arrows manually in the right direction.

Finally, in the aforementioned example there is a mistake in the end, since the authority-connection is generated in the wrong direction, too.

Thanks for your suggestion. It is a good one.

As we found out in user studies, top down is the common approach we should support better.

We plan to improve that (incorporating your suggestion, too) via

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Sounds good! :slightly_smiling_face: