Subprocess nodes changed their position when loading them in separate view

We have BPMN JS version: 3.4.3
We use bpmn-js as custom visualization library.
We want to support creating layers inside bpmn tree.- when click on subprocess element it should show all subprocess children in the main view and hide the rest of the elements.
we have notice that when changing nodes position is some subprocess children this can affect positions of another nodes that contained in another subprocess layer…
this behavior we have saw occasionally
do you have any idea why this happen ?

Thanks in advance

Please provide an example that reproduces this behavior. Otherwise, we can’t help you.

hi @philippfromme
thank you for your response.
We are using bpmn-js as our custom UI visualization in the system
we are displaying only Tasks and subprocess nodes in the UI (without displaying subprocess children in the UI because our logic is depends only on the parent nodes).
the following screenshot clarify our view: this is bpmn tree with the following nodes and there is some nodes with arrow icon - this nodes are parent of other nodes that we are showing them when click on the arrow icon: we are hiding the nodes in the main tree and show the nodes in the secondary tree.


in this screenshot - when click on the arrow in node2 , it will hide this tree and display the node2’s tree

the problem is - while editing the nodes for example: add new node or use the lasso tool inside some secondary tree it can affect other nodes is another branch.

please take a look on the following examples:

please notice: we are not changing any position of the nodes when loading the tree but only hide/show when navigate to any branch.
do you have any idea why this could happen ??

Thanks in advance

the changes that we made is using the lasso tool - select group of nodes and change their position and we saw that this affects layout of other nodes that is not selected by lasso tool,
any idea is welcomed :slight_smile: