Store element id in database


Hi , I want to store the element ID in database and want to store the related information of the element id into database. Which then show upon click on the element as pop up. is there any possibility that two different diagrams has same element ID?

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Hello @waqdev,

which tool are you using ? Do you mean data stores ?



Yes, I am using php and MySQL database.


We can only help you with things related to our sphere. We cannot help you setup external interactions with databases.



Thanks for reply, does the data-element ID is unique which is automatically assigned to Tasks or gateway? would this be possible that one of the task ID of Diagram A and Diagram B has similar Data-element ID?

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Thats My Question Too.
Is There Any One Who Knows The Answer Of @waqdev 's Question?




ID of each element is unique within a diagram’s scope. So combining with some sort of diagram key/identifier you should get unique composite key for an element.

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Thanks for the answer