Split with Parallel and join with Exclusive?

Hi everyone

I am trying to model the following situation:

A contract needs to be agreed by one of two person. As soon as one person agrees, the contract is accepted. As soon as one person declines, the contract is declined.
The players do not need to agree whether the contract is accepted or not. The one which is faster decides and the answer from the slower person becomes irrelevant.

My intuition tells me to model this situation the following way:

The problem is, that I open a parallel gateway without closing it.
What would be the correct way to model that situation?

Thanks for your answers.
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if you use default end events, the process will continue to run until all tokens are consumed. That means that both reviews will have to complete before the process finishes.

You can use termination end events, which will cancel all remaining tokens in the process. If you want to try out how the tokens travel in your process, check out the Token Simulation.


Hi Martin

Thanks for your help.
If I understand you correctly, then the syntax should be correct just by using a termination event at the end:


Is that already it?
My tool still complains that I have opened more parallel flows than I closed…


Yes, That is a syntactically correct BPMN diagram that implements the semantics you want to achieve.

Unfortunately I can’t help you with the errors in your modeler. It does not look like it is based on bpmn-js, so this might not be the correct forum for it.