Some questions about the motivation of BPMN-JS

According to my Bachelor-Thesis, I’m looking for some information for the motivation of the topic. What I would like to know: who actually uses BPMN-JS at all? In what jobs/business are users active? And what is certainly also important for the motivation: About how many users are there overall? Assuming, there are maybe only 100 users, then it would probably not sound as interesting as there are a few million users.

Kind regards

Hi @vdeppe,

user numbers are hard to measure. I stumbled over the download numbers on bpmn-js - npm, which may give a hint.

One important use case, that I see from our customers, is to provide a domain specific modeler which restricts the avaliable elements that a developer or user can use for new processes.

There are several ways to get this: customize the palette, customize the context menu, customize the property panel. The third topic can be addressed with element templates.

Hope this helps, Ingo

yes, thanks very much!