Single page application [BPMN-JS]

Redesigned the Front end as a Single-Page-Application (SPA) powered by Bootstrap 3.
Features include Responsive Screens, Colors,highlights and shadows on model objects, Scrollbar for easy navigation, Revamped Property panel with slider menus.

My suggestion/request to product team is to switch over to standard frameworks like Bootstrap, Material design, etc. A lot of custom code is written (eg: resizing of windows, etc.) which is available out-of-the-box in many frameworks. Also, even a simple palette couldn’t be disassociated without much labor.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Thanks for sharing the application you’ve put together.

There is pros and cons for locking in on a CSS framework such as Bootstrap. I see the benefit of a faster integration with existing application components as well as a unified look and feel.

On the other hand: As library creators we do not want people to be forced into any CSS direction just because they are using our tools. What if they were using Foundation or Semantic UI instead of Bootstrap?

We are open to suggestions if there is concrete things we can improve!

While I appreciate your thought, today there exists no option for users to try any of the frameworks you listed. I will be surprised if any user infact tried porting it to other frameworks. Basically by providing a hard-wired CSS users get locked. I will look forward to seeing u support other frameworks through hooks/configuration. When the paradigm is responsive web design, it is not correct to expect users to know and write fresh code when it is already available and they just have to integrate.

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i am trying to achieve same in my application, can you please share the steps you followed. It will be great help. I have been struggling to separate pallet from container.

Thanks in advance,