Since mobile/touch implementation was stripped out in v17, is there a WIP re-implementation-as-an-extension in the wild yet?

So v16 had a semi-working/semi-broken implementation of mobile touch support for panning/dragging/etc.

v17 removed it entirely:

With the aim to re-add it, most probably as an extension, and do it “correctly” this time.

I was wondering if there is a work-in-progress implementation of this yet? Either as an extension, or a custom module, in userland maybe. I couldn’t spot anything. And it’s confusing because if you search for touch support you get a lot of really old issues about it but nothing since it the release of v17.

I need to be able to use bpmn-js on an iPad so I’m hoping something comes out soon that works on the latest version.

Many thanks for any links or insights!

Within the team, we are not currently working on the touch support. If you are willing to implement it as a community extension, we will gladly feature it at GitHub - bpmn-io/awesome-bpmn-io: A curated list of related projects and resources.
You can also just copy the removed touch support module to your project. It should still semi-work.