Showing lane labels in the middle of page

When the model is very long and there are multiple lanes, the reader can no longer see the lane names. Is there any way to repeat the lane names throughout the page?

The idea is: Always show the lane label on the visible part of the lane, even if the header is hidden?

We do not support that yet. Sounds like an interesting feature though.

A feature like a table with repetitive header would be great. But before going that far, would there be a way to manually write the label at some additional points through the length of the lane? Is there any possible coding to add such a visualization?

I have my own answer here: Simply use overlays. Get the names of the lanes and add overlays with those names at the top of the lane in multiple locations through the canvas.

I have one question about this. When there is a space in the text of the overlay, a line break is applied. I want them to be shown in single line. How can I prevent the line break?

You are using HTML for the overlays, right?

Simply apply a white-space: nowrap to the element to prevent breaking into a second line (see MDN).

Ah, I didn’t think that it is an HTML property. Yes, that works now. Thanks Nico!

Although banuays feel her problem beeing soved with maually repetition of lane names in overlays, i would prefer an automatical show of the visible lanes in small floating elements eft side of the screen. Very helpful for huge diagrams.