Showing all the files in table format in properties panel

I’m making a custom bpmn properties panel in bmpn modeler. At present, users can associate the files with each element and, with whole process too (i.e element = ‘Process’) and that files show below with download and delete icon. I want to add the functionality so that all the files and activity ID associated with every element will show in a table format when we click on the element = ‘Process’ so that user can view all files in just a one glance. How can we achieve it?

Hi @Tanish_Sharma ,

Can you share more about your Project and what you have already achieved/how your data structure looks like? It is hard to give concreate hints with only a general description of you project.

What I think you would need to do to achieve seems straight forward as :

  • Iterate over element.children, if needed recursively
  • Collect all files associated with the children
  • Render in a custom component (Table)

What have you already tried and where are you stuck at currently?