Show properties panel in

I am new to, when I open a diagram or want to create a new diagram.
I can’t see the properties panel as the one in Camunda Desktop modeler.
Is this a limitation in bpmn io ? or should I make something to show the properties panel ?

Another question
I downloaded bpmn-js and run it locally, I executed npm run all
I then opened localhost port 9876
But I can’t see a web page telling me to create a new diagram or open an existing diagram like the page i found there:
Did I missed anything ?


Hi @zmadel

For bpmn properties panel you need bpmn-js-properties-panel module [You need use node-style-app] [demo],
bpmn-js-properties-panel does not pre-packaged library.

Before execute [npm run all] need execute npm install --save. do you run it?

Thanks for your reply
I run these two commands

npm install --save bpmn-js-properties-panel
npm install --save camunda-bpmn-moddle

when then I run npm  run dev
I don't know which port the viewer or modeler should be running
I can only find Karma port in the output text which is 9876
I appreciate if you can help

First run this command : npm install --save
With this command all packages listed in packages.json installed in node_modules folder, then you can run npm run all and view demo