Several custom connections

Hello everybody. I am trying to implement a custom modeler. More specifically, I want custom events and multiple custom connections between those elements that represent constraints between them. For now, I have my own extension and am able to draw the events to the canvas. Now I want to connect these events using either standard sequence flows or my own custom connections. I did implement CustomRules but I want to provide the type of connection based on what the user selects in the context pad (suppose there are 3 different types of custom connections and sequence flows). However, I do not know how to provide the connection type to the ‘connection.create’ method, since the context has only source and target. I think I need to provide a custom ‘connect’ module somehow, but I am not sure how to do that.

I searched through the forum, and found somebody who wanted to achieve the same thing, and said he did. Unfortunately, he didn’t provide his solution.

Best regards