Set timer attributes


I need to add timer attributes in a timerEventDefinition element.

I’m getthing the timerEventDefinition element this way:

var intermediateCatchEvent = $scope.viewControl.selectedElement.businessObject;
var timerEventDefinition = intermediateCatchEvent.eventDefinitions[0];

but, I can’t to add a timeDuration element in the timerEventDefinition element.

How to do this?


Cesar Cavalari

Hello @cesarcavalari,

at the moment we don’t have infrastructure for this on bpmn-js. You can check out bpmn-js-properties-panel-js for modeling unrelated properties handling.

Do you need to be able to undo/redo ?

If not you can check how we do it in ElementFactory:

    eventDefinitions = businessObject.get('eventDefinitions') || [];
    newEventDefinition = this._moddle.create(attrs.eventDefinitionType);


    newEventDefinition.$parent = businessObject;
    businessObject.eventDefinitions = eventDefinitions;


Hi there,
is there a feature on the roadmap to include timer events in CMMN.js and the properties panel? Currently it seems my CMMN case is always completed right after the start because I included a timer event as one possible exit criterion. Since I am not able to specify the timerStart and timerExpression attributes, it seems to fire right at the beginning. It would make sense to be able to set those attributes directly from the modeler.

By the way: it would be nice to include timer events in the CMMN documentation. Currently I’m just guessing, that the documentation for BPMN applies more or less to CMMN as well

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CMMN Timer Events are currently not supported by the CMMN engine. That’s why they are neither part of the CMMN documentation nor configurable in the Modeler.