SequenceFlow missing sourceRef & targetRef after importXML()

I have a strange behaviour in my modeler. When I create a sequenceFlow I can see there are properties for sourceRef & targetRef on the businessObject.

If I export this xml and re-import the same XML and log the SequenceFlow, the sourceRef & targetRef property are non-enumerable properties.

Why is this behaviour like this? shouldn’t these properties be enumerable properties?

thx in advance

Can you provide us with a step to reproduce the issue.

It could be anything from you using the library wrong to a serious bug on our end.

bpmnModeler.on('selection.changed', function (e) {
   if (e.newSelection.length === 1) {
      var element = e.newSelection[0];
      var elementProperties = Object.keys(element);
      var businessObjectProperties = Object.keys(element.businessObject);

      console.log('elementProperties', elementProperties);
      console.log('businessObjectProperties', businessObjectProperties);

Select a SequenceFlow
In the first console.log there is no “businessObject” property
In the second console.log there is no “sourceRef, TargetRef” property

This only happens for already saved elements in the xml. When you draw a new sequenceFlow and then select this element the sourceRef & targetRef are visible.