sequenceFlow - insufficient length

Screenshot 2021-11-30 105618

The arrow length seems to be very less. Is there anything I could change in bpmn-auto-layout, which could allow me to increase arrow length ?

Hi Sanjay,

how did you create the diagram in the first place? With contextual adding of elements this should not happen?

If you want to add elements inbetween and there is not sufficient space, you might also want to use the create space tool like this:createSpaceTool


Actually, I’m using bpmn-auto-layout node package for layouting. The arrow length seems to be insufficient for sequenceFlow. Could I increase the arrow length anywhere ?

bpmn-auto-layout does not provide a public API to adjust the length. You could of course try to change / contribute yourself. I am not sure though, if just increasing the length is sufficient.

By the way: why has the BPMN no graphical representation in the first place? How did you create it?