Sequence Line instead of custom-connection

Hi.i am working with custom-components and custom connections at this moment.The trouble with custom connections right now is that custom connections dont have Arrow(direction) in them.
On the other hand, the sequence flow hand direction/arrow attached with it.
Is this possible for the custom connections to have direction in them???As I had debug the issue and found out that both for sequence flow and custom connection same function
createLine in utlil/RenderUtil.js is being called

The first connection is of type custom connection and second is sequence flow type.Any help in this regard is higly appreciated


Make sure you render your custom connection the same way you’d render a sequence flow.

kindly if you can elaborate your answer more .Currently i am unable to find the functions in which sequence flow is being rendering


Have a look at how BpmnRenderer and the CustomRenderer you’re probably using work.

Currently you’re probably just drawing a simple line: