Scrolling in Mac OS X - Mouse wheel behavior

First of all: great product! Thank you very much for your efforts and your work!!!

The only thing that hurts is scrolling. People are accustomed to have page scrolled up/down/left/right when roll their scrolling balls/wheels on mice/touchpads etc. But, when we try to scroll the workspace up/down the screen zooms in/out instead, that makes a real mess. You have to hold Shift/Alt keys + scroll to have a regular scroll. Why have you chosen this way? It is very difficult for developers (and even regular users) to change habits of scrolling every time when they switch between different apps (most of those support normal scrolling without additional keys held and this app requires us to hold some keys).

It would be far more great if we would be able to use our controllers (mice/touchpads) as usual we do it in other editors: whell/ball/fingers up = scroll up, whell/ball/fingers down = scroll down, whell/ball/fingers left = scroll left, whell/ball/fingers right = scroll right. Personally I use Mac OS X on MacBook Pro 2013 and use touchpad (multitouch) for scrolling all 4 directions. As well I use the app in Linux Ubuntu 15 on the same machine, but the problem is there as well.

Again, thank you for your work! Awesome program!

Best Regards.

Hello @Arsenii_Gorkin,

thanks for your feedback. You can read this forum post, where people are discussing which approach they would like to see us using.

In a nut shell, we believe that the approach taken by google maps is the established one when it comes to navigating around (infinite) canvases.


Thank you! Now I got it! Great idea!