Save as SVG - Unescaped double quote

Hi there!

I´m integrating bpm js with my application and when i use de saveSVG funcionality, the downloaded SVG display some Unescaped double quote that makes the SVG invalid:

<path d="m  65,65L125,125 " style="fill: none; stroke-width: 2px; stroke: black; stroke-linejoin: round; marker-end: url("#sequenceflow-end");"/>

If i edit the file and change url("#sequenceflow-end") to url(’#sequenceflow-end’) (single quote) the file gets ok again.

My code is:

if (expButton){
  expButton.bind('click', function() {
    viewer.saveSVG({}, function(err, svg) {
      if (svg) {
        var encodedData = encodeURIComponent(svg);
          href: 'data:application/bpmn20-xml;charset=UTF-8,' + encodedData,
          download: 'imagem.svg'

Any ideas?


Which toolkit / version are you using?


I´m using bpmn-modeler v0.18.0 together with primefaces 5.2 on a Wildfly 10 container.

Thanks again

The bundled version of the library?

I downloaded the quick start version bacause the pre-built link is not working (404).

The pré built link that is not working is

Stuff is fixed with v0.18.3. We just forgot to update the pre-built distribution.