Reset symbol size to defaults on demand

After having imported a model coming from another bpmn modeler, I typically have the issue that symbol sizes are different from any additional symbols I introduce after the import of the model. In case I discover that I need to use the wrench tool for every single symbol to (1) change it to some other symbol and (2) change it back again to the original symbol - just in order to get default symbol sizes matching the sizes for new symbols. Depending on the situation this might also cause that message flows disappear which I then have to re-introduce etc. - in short it’s tedious work.

I would therefore value a feature allowing me to reset all symbol sizes in a model to default values - on demand. Of course, changeable symbol sizes, such as pool sizes, sub process sizes etc should remain unaffected.

This feature would also allow to clean up models for which symbol sizes have been messed up or mixed for any other reasons. In my mind, having different symbol sizes in a model is not a good practice anyway.

(PS: I am unsure what to post here and what to post in the Camunda Modeler Forum. Can you clarify for me?)

Request general modeling features here and talk / discuss the Camunda Modeler and its feature set in the Camunda forum.

I actually see this as an expert tool to add to the Camunda Modeler (i.e. via a designated modeling menu point).