Replacing values in properties panel

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we want to replace values in the default properties with values from the template we assing to a custom service task. For example this is what the properties panel look like without an assigned template:


After we assign a template to the service task it looks like this:


But we want the Name of the template ‘Template Example 1’ shown as the value of the field ‘Name’
in the ‘General’ Area which is empty in my screenshot.

Assige from that we want to get rid of the Name and Description Area in the template area.

What is the best practice to achieve these changes?

Thank you in advance

As part of your template you can specify the name property that is to be assigned:

  "properties": [
        "type": "Hidden",
        "value": "Foobar",
        "binding": {
          "type": "property",
          "name": "name"
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Works, thank you :slight_smile:

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Is there a documentation that shows which properties of the template are linked to which elements in the properties panel?

There is no documentation listing every single property. Generally, you can template all primitive properties and the complex properties (e.g. inputs, outputs) for which we’ve built support.

Thank you for your answer

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