Removing bpmn:TextAnnotation graphics when editing


i removed stroke when the input was completed.
but, I want to know how to remove a stroke while I am typing.

During editing the actual text annotation element is not visible. Instead a preview is shown. LabelEditingPreview is responsible for that.

ok, then how to customize ‘directEditing.activate’ event??

how to i hook ‘directEditing.activate’ event??

You can simply override this feature with a modified version, that doesn’t add the preview to text annotations.

What does that mean? Could you explain it in code?

const modeler = new BpmnJS({
  // ...
  additionalModules: [{
    __init__: [ 'labelEditingPreview' ],
    labelEditingPreview: [ 'type', LabelEditingPreview ] // your modified version of it