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We are using bpmn-js in our web application in combination with the ‘create-append-anything’ plugin.

Since we also use templates (camunda 7 schema), a new subcategory ‘Templates’ now appears in the popup menu behind the 3-dot menu in the ‘palette’ and the ‘context-pad’. We would like to remove this subcategory completly.

We have already tried various ways, unfortunately without success. Perhaps you have a guide or tip for me on how to completely remove this category from the popup menu. By the way, we are using a customized self-builted version.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I’m a little bit confused, as the create-append-anything extension ships with the ability to choose between the stock experience (no element template integration) and element template integration.

What do you integrate, and how would that magically pull in element template support?

Thank you for your answer.

We are using the CreateAppendAnythingModule and the CreateAppendElementTemplatesModule as well as the ElementTemplatesPropertiesProviderModule:

import {
} from 'bpmn-js-create-append-anything';

import {
} from 'bpmn-js-properties-panel';

The ‘Template’ Subcategory is showing in the append menu as well as the create menu and we just want to get rid of the section in this popup menu but still need templates in the properties panel of our custom service task.


Thank you in advance

You can get rid of it from both menus by not consuming CreateAppendElementTemplatesModule.

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Well, sometimes you’re just missing the low hanging fruit. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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