Remove elements from contextPad using React

Can anyone suggest how to remove elements from contextPad.
There are like eight elememts at present when an element is clicked. I only need three elements in contextpad.
How can I configure that?


Doesn’t have anything to do with React. Both the element palette and the context pad can be modified:


Like Philipp mentioned the getContextPadEntries method is returning the context pad entries. So you can just specify your own contextPad and implement the method so it fits your needs.

That example is showing how to add a new element to the contextPad. I want to know which method should I modify in order to remove an element from the contextPad.

Thank you so much. I am now able to remove elements from my contextpad

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To remove an element from the contextPad you have to change the return value of the getContextPadEntries method.

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Thank you so much tim.