Reload custom renderer after properties are loaded

Repo is private, code sandbox here instead.
My predecessor on my current project implemented a custom renderer to handle translation of diagrams. It gets the german name from an extension element property, and sets it as the element name. (I know this is probably not the best solution, but I don’t know what would be better so I’m trying to work with it.) I’ve been having a weird bug where the extension elements don’t import automatically, so I have to separately extract them from the xml and register them (see openDiagram() in index.js) through moddle.

Because this happens after the model is loaded, the renderer runs before the extension elements are available. Is there a way to manually “run” it again afterwards? (I know this is probably a javascript issue rather than a BPMN issue, but it’s specific to the modeler so I thought it would still be best here.)

The link isn’t working. Is that a private repository?

Yes, sorry - I forgot about that. I’m trying to set up a code sandbox now.

Here’s a code sandbox with the relevant code. I can’t get it to run, but it’s nothing to do with the problem at hand, so hopefully you can see the issue from the code?