Redraw a shape linked to a business object

I have a scenario where , I change the property of a businessObject , this needs to redraw the shape due to change of style.How do I force a redraw the shape linked to the businessObject?

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Usually you would change the shape property via Modeling#XXX, going through the CommandStack and performing a proper redraw in the end. Checkout ChangeSupport, the component responsible for this behavior.

If you would, for whatever reason, perform out of order updates and just force a redraw, emit an elements.changed event with all elements that should be updated. Note that we do not recommend this.

eventBus.emit('elements.changed', {
  elements: [ someShape, someConnection ]

HI Nikku,
Thanks for the reply. I was able to make it work by calling modeling.updateProperties(element,{}). IS this what you also meant?

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Exactly, that is one way to achieve this.