Pure Javascript Extensions


I am currently embeding BPMN.IO modeler into my application. My application is built on top of the Outsystems platform and as a platform limitation it can run only JavaScript native code, not extending its capabilities to nodes, modules and other newer market standards we have nowadays.

I just wanted to explain this because I am currently having issue on extending my modeler capabilities with the BPMN.io available extensions. This is mainly because all extensions are composed by so many files and folders, that without running it on node.js (which is not possible on my end) it wouldn’t be doable for me to add dependencies and make sure the code can run properly in a native JS ES5 environment.

My question is, is there a backwards compatibility extension method? Is it possible to have JavaScript files directly added instead of having to add the extensions as if I was using node.js?
I even tried to use browserify, but doesn’t seem to be an easy task as well. So just looking for alternatives, as the modeler can run without issues in a pure JS environment, I’d expect that extensions can as well.

thank you!


@William_Antunes Thanks for elaborating on your request.

As I understand you need a pre-built distribution to embed into your application context.

While we showcase “modern” ways to extend mostly nothing keeps you from creating a custom modeler distribution, bundle it as a single JavaScript file, and embed that into your application platform. Would that strategy work for you?