Properties Panel in Modeler


I am working with the standalone modeler in version 0.5.1 and there is the properties panel available on the right side of the screen.

I recommended the modeler to a colleague but the current version 0.14.x does not show the properties panel anymore.
Is there a way to activate it or has it been removed?


Hi Chris,

because you are asking in the bpmn-io forum I might misunderstood your question. Are you talking about the Camunda Modeler (which current version is 0.6.0) or about bpmn-js (current version 0.14.1)?

Please note that bpmn-js is the renderer and modeler library which does not contain the properties panel, whereas the Camunda Modeler as a standalone solution does (and will) contain both the libraries bpmn-js and bpmn-js-properties-panel.

Hi pedesen,

thank you very much for clarifying that. You are right - I am looking for the Camunda Modeler.
This is quite embarrassing I didn’t notice …