Properties panel extension - removing prefix of attribute

in this example,

is it possible to remove the magic prefix ?

    <bpmn2:startEvent id="StartEvent_1" magic:spell="WOOO ZAAAA" />


    <bpmn2:startEvent id="StartEvent_1" spell="WOOO ZAAAA" />

Why do you want to remove the prefix?

In order to read/write BPMN with custom properties, you need a moddle extension so that moddle is aware of the new property “spell”. Which is where the magic comes from:

we are upgrading from an older version of bpmn modeler, so in the older version the attributes are listed without prefixes and hence, does not work with new one.

Update –
sorry, the bpmn file generated through modeler version - 0.0.x works correctly in the newer one.
but the reverse is not true, as in the bpmn file created using new one does not show the panel properties values in the older modeler.

@Martin Could you please look at the issue ?

I’m sorry, I’m not following. What version of what library/application do you mean?

Generally speaking, this XML is invalid:

<bpmn2:startEvent id="StartEvent_1" spell="WOOO ZAAAA" />

There is no “spell” attribute within BPMN 2.0 namespace. Thus, namespace removal leads to a broken XML. It does not depend on the bpmn-js version because it’s part of the XML standard.