Properties panel extension not working when using React

Hi everyone, I’m building a panel with Reactjs, I’m following this example Properties panel extension to implement some custom properties…

I managed to implement the MagicProvider as requested in the example, but when I try to implement the SpellProps nothing appears, and it does not return errors!

When I run the project, I get the Magic field, but it is empty


module versions

    "bpmn-js": "^10.3.0",
    "bpmn-js-properties-panel": "^1.11.1",
    "camunda-bpmn-moddle": "^7.0.1",

My Repository

give me the light

The properties panel is a Preact application. You cannot compile the JSX of the properties panel extension as part of your React setup. It has to be compiled separately using Preact.

Here’s the light: :flashlight:

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Thanks for the light, but I couldn’t compile separately, the solution I found was to build the entire application using preact

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