Properties panel and properties defined with bpmn-moddle


I’m creating BPMN2.0 process engine and I’d like to use bpmnio as my UI manager. My goal is to add properties panel that supports editing properties defined in default specification at omg organization.

I downloaded provided example of bpmn-properties-panel but the BpmnProvider seems not to support all components listed by bpmn-moddle bpmn-moddle which as I understood bpmnio uses as a default schema.

For example, with bpmn:ScriptTask I got only General and Documentation, but I’d like to have ‘Script’ as well.

With CamundaPlatformPropertiesProviderModule I got properties I want to handle, but unfortunatelly to many of them → I got properties handled by Camunda which I don’t want to support and use.

Could you tell me if there is a simple way to have a provider which supports properties defined with bpmn-moddle?


The properties script and scriptFormat are indeed part of the BPMN model (cf. bpmn-moddle/bpmn.json at master · bpmn-io/bpmn-moddle · GitHub). The Camunda extension adds the resultVariable and resource properties. I guess when the properties panel was implemented all script task properties were implemented as part of the Camunda provider for simplicity, but you’re right; the basic properties should be part of the standard BPMN provider. For now, you could add a custom provider that only adds the Camunda script properties entries. So basically CamundaPlatformPropertiesProvider without all the other properties. If you feel like this is an issue that needs fixing feel free to open a GitHub issue in the repository: GitHub - bpmn-io/bpmn-js-properties-panel: A properties panel for bpmn-js.

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Thank you for replay and some links!

I decided to implement my own provisional property provider. For now and for my project it should be enough. Anyway I think it would be nice if default BpmnPropertiesProviderModule would have supported by default all properties defined in bpmn.json

As so I created the feature request.


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