Project setup: unsure if i am doing it right

hello team Bpmn
i am working on this issue
However i have few confusion while building the project.
I am following this guide to build the project.
So what i have tried is that i have a root directory as bpmn-js and sub-directly as diagram-js
i have run npm install on both bpmn-js and diagram-js and then npm link ./diagram-js(Note :it is given as npm link …/diagram-js in github repo which din’t work for me on bpmn.js directory)

Can you help me figure out where am i messing it up .

image from the github repo .

Please try having both projects on the same level.

Also, executing the script exactly as stated should work, at least on Linux, MacOS or WSL.

@nikku actually i am using windows 7 ,is that a problem ?
i am getting this two errors after running npm test

in red

PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Windows 7.0.0) custom elements renderer "before each" hook for "should render custom elements" FAILED

PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Windows 7.0.0) features/copy-paste complex "before each" hook for "should mark as changed" FAILED

in blue

 'failed to import <bpmn:SequenceFlow id="SequenceFlow_1" />'
 Error: element <bpmn:BoundaryEvent id="BoundaryEvent_1" /> referenced by <bpmn:SequenceFlow id="SequenceFlow_1"

do i need you worry about them
i have left some comments in this issue in github ,can anyone from the community help me out.