Programmatic change of input on properties panel does not trigger setValue

I was able to successfully add a custom property to the properties panel.
When I use the native form and type values into the input field, it triggers the setValue method on the .
However, if I set the value of the input using jQuery or JavaScript by attaching a click event to it, e.g.

 $("body").on("click", "[name='expression']", async function (event) { = "TESTING";

The value of the input does change, I can see it on the screen, but the setValue method is not triggered.
Even if I manually fire the change event on the input, it still doesn’t trigger.
Is there some other way I can programmatically trigger that setValue method, or attach other event handlers to it?

I think I found my answer.
I can add a focus attribute to the and assign an event handler to it. This give me access to the modeling object.

What behavior are you trying to achieve? This looks like a hack.