Prod Build issues in Angular 6


I have reported this issues earlier in BPMN forum. Please let me know if there are any solution to the problem that i am facing.

Issue: CommandInterceptor.js has side-effects, but is not included in sideEffects property in package.json

Please take a look at the above mentioned url to get a better idea about the issue that i am talking about.

As declared in this comment we are not willing to fix those issues in our toolkit anytime soon.

So what’s your general problem and where do you think we can help?

Hi Niklas,

I am currently utilizing in my angular application as a part of which i am writing few custom rules by extending the RuleProvider.js. Everything works fine when i run it in dev environment.

The problem is that when i try to run the application with prod mode (–prod) due to buildOptimizer few functions inside ruleprovider.js is getting renamed as a result of which my application breaks.