Process Step Numbers on diagram (as viewable Labels)

I am interested in Process Step ‘Numbers’ being displayed on the BPMN diagram directly, as these numbers would be referenced in other documentation to signify various meanings (eg. areas of improvement, additional ‘details’ related to the process, how-to’s regarding its ‘actionability’ , etc.)

The numbers associated to the Process Steps should be readily viewable without having to hover the mouse/cursor over the process steps.

Thank you!

Can you show us a sketch of what that might look like? How would you count the steps? Would you manually assign these numbers or try and calculate them automatically?

Thank you philipp.
I have attached 2 examples of how this may look.

The number assignment could be manual-entered, or calculated automatically Eg. via a ‘auto-suggested’ calculation.
I presume there is a high chance that the ‘auto-suggested’ calculation will not be to the workflow maintainers liking on the first go, so they may have to re-shuffle the numbers around with modifications and such. Another systematic method of auto-suggested calculation I am proposing is based on ‘phases’ of the workflow, which would incorporate the chronological phase sequence into the convention of the ‘Process Step number’ (eg. Phase A process steps would be pre-pended with ‘A’ followed by the number, eg. A#: A1, A2, A3, Phase B process steps would be eg. B#: B1, B2, B3, etc.)

But just manual labels to start would be amazing!

feature request - sample process step numbers, example 1
feature request - sample process step numbers, example 2

Adding the overlays is quite easy (cf. bpmn-js-examples/overlays at master · bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples · GitHub). How would you calculate the numbers for diagrams like this?


Thanks, it looks like overlays may work but is there a way to do it from the GUI, without scripting?

I ask as there are a number of non-technical folks that have a hard time grasping, re-using and recycling code (even the most simple /cookie cutter of methodologies)


There’s no solution that doesn’t involve someone writing code. You could create the UI so someone else could add these overlays without having to write code.

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