Problem with deployment of bpmn- files

Hello everyone,

I´m using Camunda to model workflows that automatize different parts of my program.

I have the following problem:

Let’s say I deployed a bpmn- file called “file1.bpmn” via REST call to a database.
I started a process using the uploaded file. After that, i figured out, that I had to change something in the file.
I changed a few things and saved it as a new file called “file2.bpmn”. Of course, I uploaded the new file to the database afterwards. Also I used the same key for the two files (e.g. filekey)
So, now there are two datasets in the Camunda table (ACT_RE_PROCDEF) (most important columns):

filekey file1.bpmn 1
filekey file2.bpmn 2

(I hope markdown tables work here :stuck_out_tongue:)

Normally Camunda should use file2.bpmn, because it has the newest version number.

Problem is, when I try to start a new process using “filekey” over REST, Camunda still tries to use file1.bpmn
and I can’t figure out why.


Please ask this in the Camunda BPM forum:
This forum is dedicated to the modelling toolkit.


Oh sorry, I didn’t know that. Thank you, for your reply. :slight_smile: