Problem in diagram position in new and exist disgram

Hi all,

I’ve a problem when I want create new bpmn diagram or open exist diagram. When I want design diagram, the diagram position is Top: 0, Left: 0 but I need show diagram after tool palette div.

Picture 1 is my problem.

Picture 2 is my need

How to change position of diagram and start after tool palette?

Thank you help me.

Since the palette is inside the modeler’s canvas it will overlap the diagram initially. You can either place the palette outside of the canvas or scroll the canvas to an appropriate position.

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Thank you @philippfromme.
Please explain to me how to scroll canvas to another position.

Hi @philippfromme.

I solved my problem with this code :

var c = modeler.get('canvas');
c.scroll({ dx: +52, dy: -0});

Thank you for help me.