[Poll] Improve element creation for specific types

Currently we allow users to create only one kind of gateway, event and task via context pad and palette. It is a use case for some users to directly create a specific element though, especially in the execution context.


  • As a user I’d like to create a Service Task directly instead of replacing it from a blank task.
  • As a user I’d like to quickly create a Parallel Gateway.

Solution Approaches

A Immediate Replace Menu after element creation. See demo; GitHub issue.
B Long mouse click on palette allows specific elements to be created. See demo; GitHub issue.
C Keep stuff as it is. See demo.


  • A Immediate Replace Menu after element creation.
  • B Use press on (long mouse click) on palette to open details menu.
  • C Keep stuff as it is.

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In addition, it would also be really cool to have context-aware keyboard shortcuts (like pressing m to open up the morph palette). Example: press m u to morph a selected task to a user task and press m s for a service task.


Although A seems to be the best way to address the issue, all those solutions have obvious downsides.
Just a note though, long press is something to be kept to / for the mobile / touch world and are on a laptop / desktop PC far from being intuitive.
As usual: IMVHO.

Is making this configurable an option? I can imagine cases for both solutions.

Regarding current implementation of option A: When entering an activity label and then selecting a morphing option, the text is discarded. The other way round, when selecting a morphing option first, the text area is deselected. If both editing options are shown at once, they should both be usable in parallel.

No one voted for D :frowning:.

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My suggestion would be to make it easy to configure additional elements for the palette. We have added service task and human task as additional elements there for example.

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We decided to open the replace menu right after creation if the user pressed a modifier key during creating (CTRL on Windows/Linux, ALT on Mac).