Performance problem

There are too many elements, such as when they are bigger than 800, they will be very jammed when they continue to draw. Is there a solution to this? Or how to optimize it?

Hi @fengxin0210fx and welcome to the forum,

could you please share an example BPMN showing that performance issue?



Is to do environmental governance in China, we want to connect each community of underground pipeline is collected all (including the material of pipeline, the flow, pipe diameter, etc), the connection between the well and well is to use BPMN to draw, I sent you 4 pictures, you see. a community of 3000-5000 Wells, a well is one of the elements, BPMN onto 800 elements can’t continue to draw.Thank you very much!

Hi @fengxin0210fx,

thanks for sharing this very interesting use-case!

diagram-js is built to operate in a performant way displaying user-readable web-diagrams, but there are certain limits. I understand that you are rendering more than 5.000 elements (wells?) and I suppose that would be one of these limits.

If you believe there is a very specific constellation creating this performance issue (and not just the amount of elements), then feel free to share a working example so we can take a look.

  • How can I send it to you? Do you have a mail box?

diagram.bpmn (1.3 MB)

This is a realistic usage scene I sent you, BPMN file. Could you please help me to see why it is too slow to use?Every time you create a new element, it is too slow.Thank you very much

I met it,too. How to solve it?

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Hi @RichieChoo,

Please do not necrobump old topics. Instead link to this thread from new topic and give us context and details about your performance issues, so we may investigate.