Participants are being created overlapped


I’m trying to create participants programmatically and I’ve got 2 issues that I wanted to describe here.

When I create shapes without participants, the elements are being displayed at the desired position beside the palette (see image bpmn-01.png). If I create e.g. a start event shape inside a participant, the start event is being displayed at the same position as it would be created without a participant. But the left side of the participant is being positioned outside the screen (see image bpmn-02.png).

The next issue is that I’m trying to create shapes in 2 different participants. The problem here is that the y-position of the second participant that I’ve defined hasn’t been applied (I tried to position the second participant below the first one). It seems that the height of the second participant has been increased (see image bpmn-03.png).

Do you have any hints regarding the issues?

Best regards,