Parse BPMN XML with deserialization BPMN 2.0 class not working

I want to parse all element from bpmn export to xml result in asp .net (c#) . Currently I’m using deserialization with generated class from BPMN 2.0 xsd ( The result I get not as I expected, whiches the only thing is correct just tdefinitions part, not all of it like (process, and shape inside BPMNDiagram) . Here’s attachment of my parsing result and my generated class is here (
My diagram :

Parse result :

Could you, in very consise steps describe:

  • What you’d like to accomplish
  • What you tried (step by step) and when stuff broke

That helps us to understand what the actual issue is.

Solved, sorry for my unclear explanation. The wrong part is on my BPMN generated class cause there’s something wrong on my xsd tool and part is fine :smiley:

How you solve this problem