Parallel&Inclusive Gateways Execution Order

I have the following diagram:
Can you explain me why:

  • if C1&C2 are true, the second inclusive gateway will receive first the output from Task 3/Task 4;
  • if C1 true, C2 false, the second inclusive gateway will receive the output from Task 3 before the output from Task 2;

I don’t understand what is the execution order. Parallel gateway doesn’t mean that activities are executed in the same time? How do we now what activity is finished first?

Thank you.

Hi @flv

I’d say that the the execution order + activity time to finish depends on the execution engine and the type of the task itself. Parallel gateways doesn’t require the following tasks to start and finish at the same time, it simply depends on the tasks itself. Task 2 can take, e.g., 5 minutes, the others one 1 minutes, so the inclusive merging gateway would receive Task 3 and/or 4 first.

However, maybe you will find more expertise in BPMN modeling in this forum