Panel Properties

Good afternoon,
As I can implement the properties panel to my bpmn, I am using the pre-packaged modeler.

I appreciate the help

Hi @Arenas1995

What do you want to achieve? It’s hard to understand because I can’t find a real question in your post. Please give us more details so we can help you.

Good morning,
I am working on a web project, and I can now integrate the bpmn using the prepackaged modeler, how can I implement the property panel to my pre-packaged bpmn modeler ?.

Try to follow the example of properties-panel that is in the git but it does not work or I do not know how to do the integration correctly.

Thank you.

This is the panel that I want to implement.

You’d have to bundle the properties panel, too. There is no bundled version.

Good morning,

As I can do the grouping of the properties panel, my project does not work with nodes, try to use browserify according to an example not to work with nodes, but when I try to use the require “bpmn.js” and “bpmn-js-properties-panel” I get an error that says that require is not defined.

I appreciate the help.


You can’t use require in the browser. You have to bundle any code that uses that syntax before you execute it in the browser. Please make yourself familiar with this concept.

Good morning,

I was looking at how to group the code in a single .js file but when I execute the command that is responsible for performing this action I receive an error. I do not understand very well what it is about, I have never worked with this. I appreciate the help if you know what this error is about.

Attached the screenshot of the error I receive.

Thank you!


You need a bundler that understands the ES6 module syntax. All of these issues are outside of the scope of our projects.

I’ll see what i can do. Thank you very much for the help.