Palette elements not showing properly / icons not fond


I don’t know what I did wrong on the latest bpmn-js-examples I downloaded from github but It’s not showing the common Palette elements both tested in Mac OS X El capitan and Windows 10.

Below are the steps I did to run the bpmns-js-examples.

  1. Downloaded zip from github
  2. Extracted in xampp htdocs
  3. Cd to custom-elements
  4. Installed npm & run grunt build
    • npm install -g #no error
    • npm install grunt #no error
    • grunt build #no error
  5. Opened custom elements dist/index.html showing the bpmnViewer works fine however the palette icons are not showing. Checked console but no errors were found.

Added below is the custom elements run via file:// URL access but I have tried this in http:// protocol access and is showing the same thing.

The scenario is also experienced from my application that is why I raised this concern.

Please help, thanks!

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On the other hand “modeler” examples palette is working fine. I will check what’s the difference between package / modules dependents / versions.

Hello @torrefrancaPH,

I’ve fixed the problem and pushed it to github.

The problem was that we added a ‘bpmn’ prefix to every icon in the last release and our CustomPalette wasn’t updated with them.

Thanks for reporting this!


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