Palette element manipulation at runtime

Hi ,
I have a requirement like building our own palette elements and play around like search palette elements, add , remove and filter elements at runtime based on user inputs. For this , I have seen the custom palette example but i didnt find a way to do stuff at runtime manipulations.

I need to do showing and hiding of default elements and custom elements like basic palette and advanced palette.These two type i want to build using bpmn js

Hi @kmanikandan

You can have a look inside the palette implementation. It would be possible to register multiple PaletteProviders with Palette#registerProvider, therefore you can load the entries differently. Probably you will have to override the Palette module to unregister providers.

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You can control the displayed palette entries over the method Palette#getPaletteEntries. It is returning an array containing the entries to display. So you could dynamicly change the array with your needs. To trigger an update you can call Palette#registerProvider again.