Palette and Item Customization


I am trying to customize the BpmnModeler. What I would like to do is add some custom items to the palette, and once those items are added to the canvas, control how they are used.

My specific need:
I am working on a system that receives raw HTML pages. These pages will be the items added to the palette. Once one of these items is placed on the canvas, I would like to prevent the user from directly typing on the item, and allow them to bring up a dialog page that allows them to configure some properties.

I have looked through the examples provided and haven’t really found anything that points me in the right direction. Is there any documentation available that would help me?


Palette and item customization is one of the advanced features we have not yet created any documentation / examples for. While a lot of the stuff you are mentioning is already possible through various extension points the things are still very much hidden deep inside the implementation.

I have given some pointers on where to start customizing in this forum thread. It is still very much DIY (do-it-yourself) territory though.

Hi rondu, we are trying to do something like that too. And let me say it, it’s way to easy to understand and change the bpmn-modeler.js lib. Seriously, give it a try. In a few hours we configured the modeler our way and it was pretty easy.