Override the copy-past with a specific method

Hi there,

I’m trying to get an alert each time user copy a created “process”. I know that there is something like “shape.added” and here i can know when user is adding something to the canvas.

But my goal is to call a specific method when user use ctrl+v.

Thank you.

Hi @Seeebas, welcome!

You can listen to specific keyboard events via the keyboard module.

const keyboard = modeler.get("keyboard");
keyboard.addListener(1500, function (context) {
  const event = context.keyEvent;

  if (keyboard.isCmd(event) && keyboard.isKey(["v", "V", 89], event)) {

    // todo: do your stuff here

Source: keyboard listener - CodeSandbox

Thank you for your reply @Niklas_Kiefer your solution work for what i need to do.

I did manage to make a workaround with “shape.added” and then force to do something else.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile: